Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

Few months before I got married to my wife Anna, she received a precious gift from a special friend, Ann D. It is a book about the four seasons of marriage. As I run through the pages recently, I noticed that what has been described as the “winter”, “spring”, “summer” and “fall” of marriage are actually relevant to the “challenging”, “exciting”, “glorious” and “boring” days that Anna and I have faced as husband and wife. This led us into asking “What should we do during these seasons?”

When winter comes, people are getting crazy grabbing their winter coats, hand gloves, bonnets and jackets to protect them from getting cold. It is the best period to lie down in bed and have some dreamy sleep while savoring the nice weather. This season is “challenging” for married couples as this is the time when they do not feel at ease with each other and are busy wearing masks to cover up the problems around. It is also true that during this time, couples are not productive in their relationships due to the comfort that they are getting from the luxuries of the world. The couples’ love is dying at this stage.

Spring is an intermediate season from winter to summer. Flowers bloom and nature is as beautiful as the greens. This season is “exciting” for couples as this is the stage where there is an emergence of new life, bringing a meaningful growth for them. The couples are dating, communicating and planning as they are in between challenges and glory. Their love for each other is flourishing.

It is hottest during the summer time. Days are longest and nights are shortest. People are on holidays and vacations. They are enjoying and having fun under the sun. This season is “glorious” for couples as they are on fire celebrating life, good memories and blessings brought about by marriage. The love that they have is at the highest peak.

Fall is the transition from summer into winter. This season is “boring” for couples as they started to see their differences. As a result, they focus on their own individual interest. They start to feel neutral about each other. From being glorious to facing challenges, their love is failing at this point.

Well, this is what we have learned. As we experience “winter”, “spring”, “summer”, or “fall”, we look back from where we have started – there at the cross, we hold on to the Word of God and we move forward to winning the victory that Christ had already won for us. With God’s forgiveness on hand, we can never go wrong with forgiving our spouse. We apply this in every season no matter what the cycle.


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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