How We Made Our Road Schooling In Singapore

Every family has its unique story. And I am sharing with you a small chunk of it. We are not a perfect household but we believed that family is a relationship. Regardless of the differences of each member, we shared the pie by putting an element of fun into the challenges of life.

Travel is one of the languages our family speaks commonly about. Dotting the map around the globe is always exciting but it is different when you take them with you on a trip. So here’s worth sharing with you few of our special highlights on how we did our mini version of road schooling in Singapore in the summer of 2014.

1. Merlion Park

We had our first early morning walk at the country’s iconic Merlion Park and spent some time to feel the summer’s breeze by just viewing the scenic spot of the Marina Bay.

2. Sentosa and Skyride & Luge

I can still remember clearly the picture of happiness shared amongst family members when we plunged into Sentosa’s Luge. Once was never enough for this carefree ride. On the contrary to the Skyride which gave us a very funny moment of paralysis whilst trying hard to enjoy the view from the top. We learned that there’s always going to be a fork in the road. We just have to be wise to decide which way to take and make a difference.

3. Hawker Centre

We cannot afford to resist the locals’ authentic cuisines so we ate all the way until our tummies were full and satisfied. It was good to have observed that Singapore’s  multi-ethnic culture and heritage served up a multitude of dishes.  Food-hopping is one of the best tools to use for family talks.

4. Night Safari

We ventured through the night in the world’s first nocturnal zoo and took delight of the view of the exotic wildlife whilst sitting comfortably in the tram. Learning how these never-before-seen animals behave in their habitats and raising awareness on how they can be protected from facing extinction was educational for adults and kids alike. Amongst all the animals we saw, the lions became the kids’ favorites. They started calling them Madagascar! It was very unfortunate that no cameras were allowed, I could have captured bloopers everywhere!

5. Gardens By the Bay

Everyone enjoyed the scenic Gardens By The Bay. We took a a colorful mini tour around the area and took some photos while on the golf car.

6. Cloud Forest

The canopy walkways let us dipped through the rainforest and provided us a breath taking view of the mountains and waterfalls from above with diverse vegetation and rare flora. The cold temperature inside this dome added an advantage to our hot summer escapade.

7. Raffles

Our mid afternoon stroll at Raffles was the result of letting our feet brought us anywhere. There was nothing much done here but the relaxing quality time spent with them made it special.

8. Aljunied Mrt

Apart from getting taxis around, we also tried their mrt as it was very convenient for commuters like us. It was excellent.

9. Universal Studios

A one whole day at the Universal Studios was too short so we maximized every minute by trying to ride all we can, from Transformers all the way to Jurassic Park Rapids.

The thrill of the time lit strength and creativity from within. It allowed us to overcome our fears. The intense adrenaline rush improved our moods and relieved us from stress. Also, this theme park getaway fostered a family bonding in us and promoted togetherness, cooperation and coordination.

We roamed around the city and struck places with a hop-on-hop-off bus. We also visited the Bugis Junction, Clark Quay, Orchard Road, Suntec City, Marina Bay and China Town.

Every penny spent for this trip was worth more than its value. It is absolutely priceless.

By the way, I don’t deserve any of these. Neither my family. It takes only the grace of God for us to enjoy the benefits, provision and time together. For without Him, we are nothing and there is nothing.


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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