7 Favorite Family Destinations In Hong Kong

Yesterday, as I was checking our schedule to kick off our next travel plans, I remembered my first international trip with my family 8 years ago. It was such a carefree escapade that I would treasure forever. Those fun-filled memories are worth the overflow in my heart until this very day. Really, there is no amount of money to buy moments like this!

I knew my parents are working too hard just to give me and my siblings the best life that we could ever have.  So in June of 2008, I surprised them with with what God blessed me with. I felt that there was a need for me to finding a way on how I could take them away from the busy streets of business. So I decided to have our vacation in Hong Kong because of its famous skyline and surprisingly family-friendly and world-class theme parks.

1. Kowloon

I flew to Hongkong a day ahead and met my family the next morning at Shamrock Hotel in Kowloon. We made a sneak peak to the vicinity before our tour guide brought us to some touristic spots in the city.


2. Avenue of Stars

Everyone was excited to visit the Avenue of Stars where all had the chance to shake a hand with their all-time-favorites’ handprints. Papa, of course, never missed the opportunity to do one with Jet Li’s and Jackie Chan’s.




3. Jewelry Factory

Mama enjoyed this part of the tour as she got some of her finest choices. Arnold and Sam, on the other hand, were so busy having their Disney tattoos by one of the country’s well-known artists.



4. Lantau Island

We made our way to the fisherman’s village and took a boat ride to understand how the ancient civilization made their living. Behind us was the view of the Jumbo Floating Restaurant where Prince Charles, according to the locals, used to dine.






5. Victoria’s Peak

We spent a refreshing afternoon at Victoria’s Peak where everyone enjoyed the panoramic view of the city. We were running short of time so it was very unfortunate that we were not able to ride the peak tram nor to visit the wax museum. But I guess there are still a lot of next times!





6. Disneyland

We moved into Disneyland Hotel and stayed 2 nights to have a time-of-our-life in our most awaited agenda – Disneyland theme park. We had the best rides of our lives and faced some extra challenges.





super pagod na kami!!!

Finally, we met and said hello to Mickey and the gang! The kids got the attention of their favorite Disney characters!






7. Ocean Park

We visited another famous park  – Ocean Park. Our most unforgettable ride was the Space Mountain. We hopped on to it without knowing that it is an indoor roller coaster! Can you imagine my parents and the kids were with us on this extra challenging ride! So when we got down, our knees were trembling! It was crazy but a funny experience.










That was our 5 days, 4 nights in Hong Kong. It is always true that there is no place like home. But sometimes it is good to bring our family out to see how beautiful it is to be away from our comfort zones.


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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