5 Essential Things That A Bride Needs To Know In Getting Her Make Up Artist

Regardless of how much make up we want to wear on our most awaited big day, the search for the best make up artist is exhausting. There are a lot of good ones out there but I think it is worth sharing with you my experience with Ms. Anne Magadia of AnneVida HMUA and the relevant essentials I learned.

1. Look for an artist that could bring out your natural beauty.

I recalled my good friend Jenny’s simple yet gorgeous makeover on her wedding day. She’s already beautiful without foundations on her face but her looks that day made me want that sparkle too. So I did get in touch with the artist.

2. Be mindful of the punctuality and preparedness of your make up artist. 

My husband Francis, who was then my fiance, booked Anne directly to cover my prenuptial’s hair and make up requirements. On the day of our shoot, we went to their studio at 4am for the first touch of make up. They are ready and prepared when we arrived. Seeing that, I was impressed. At the back of my mind, that was a sign that I was already in good hands.

3. A smart and talented artist is a priority when the clock is ticking.

It was awesome. I never regretted getting her expertise. I was very happy with the outcome of our photoshoot and was satisfied with her team’s high professionalism. Anne was able to deliver a great service to accomodate and to cover our 6 times change of clothing and hair and make up styles.

4. A trusted HMUA is a must for your big event.

I felt young and fresh on the day I got married. What she did for me was just perfect for the outdoor ceremony that also fitted the evening’s elegance. Her forte was tried and tested. That is why there is no wonder that some of her celebrity clients and local brides keep on coming back for more.

5. Develop a good relationship with your make up artist.

I was one of the sponsors in one of my girl friend’s wedding so I booked Anne again. Apart from being my make up artist, Anne became a good friend to me and Francis. I always trust her works and I am more comfortable to look forward to more events with her. Note that it is very easy to work with people when we have established a good relationship with them.

If you want to get connected, you may reach her at +63 9273414636 or you may drop her an email at makeupbyannevida@gmail.com.

makeup by AnneVida website

make up by AnneVida facebook page

make up by AnneVida facebook page 2


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

11 thoughts on “5 Essential Things That A Bride Needs To Know In Getting Her Make Up Artist”

  1. Wow! All the work she did was wonderful!! And your photos are excellent. But my favorite by far, was the one with the red leather (couch?) that y’all are leaning on!!
    Many congratulations and dreams for your life together, forever in love!
    Thanks so much for the follow!


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