A Complete Guide To One Stop Dining Of Philippines’ Best: Little Manila, Dubai

Who would have thought that a jeepney could make its way here in Dubai? For real, indeed. I would like to welcome you to a hot spot where it is more fun in Little Manila!

1. A one-stop dining experience.

Name it and you’ll have it. The top most choices of authentic dishes and best local delicacies from the Philippines are found here.



Mochi Creme

House of Desserts


Fit Tea

Kwekie Bites

Bread Shop

2. A home to Filipino people.

Living away from home is one of the enemies overseas Filipino workers face. As this challenge grow deeper, most divert their attention to food and friends. And Little Manila is fit for a sumptuous get-together.

3. An overview of Philippine tourism.

With a jeepney outside, I doubt if this will not attract foreign workers, expatriates and locals in Dubai to go and see what’s the buzz. Out of curiosity, people will see the beauty of the Philippines and learn of its history.

Arts and decors showcasing the famous ethnic dances and festivals seen all over the restaurant will lead you to Philippine’s rich and vast cultural heritage.

Sinulog. Annual cultural and religious festival in Cebu.

Pahiyas. Religious festival in Lucban, Quezon to honor the patron saint of farmers San Isidro.

Kadayawan. Annual feast in the city of Davao that marks a celebration of thanksgiving.

Kalesa. Mode of transportation during the spanish era.

Tinikling. The Philippine’s national dance.

4. A great find for themed events and parties.

Little Manila is just way perfect for a South East Asian themed events or Filipino inspired settings. This could be a prospect place for big celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, baby and bridal showers.

5. A craving satisfied.

Street foods are one of their sweet treats that people will go crazy finding just to kill and satisfy their cravings.

Authentic local cuisines are a real missed when you one is working abroad. This becomes a top dining priority for most Filipinos. So glad they have it.

Flavored coolers are a must try especially during the hot summers. Thanks Little Manila for beinging them here.

6. A beautiful reminder that God is our provider.

The blessings around us are a gift from the Lord. All these things, including the brains and talents behind the beautiful interiors and exteriors, are from Him. To God always be the glory for He is our awesome provider.


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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