Plantation Bay, Cebu, Philippines: 10 Ways To Supercharge Your Swimming Getaway

I remembered my unforgettable break with my friends at one of the most favorite beach havens in Mactan Island, Cebu City, Philippines – the Plantation Bay. This 5-star colonial charm is once again on my bucket list!

1. Relax in a cozy waterfront room or lagoon view quarter. 

I stayed 2 nights, 3 days with my gorgeous pals in this world-class resort. I still can recall, we checked in on a lagoon view room.

1. Fall in love with a lagoon style pools

Their man-made swimming lagoons are uniquely designed. I remembered there was even a rock-bed under water, beneath the water slides. The waters were crystal clear not to see myself emerged!

2. Experience the warmth of a posh spa.

A stress-free detox over a sweet massage is something that most are looking forward to. Well, with all honesty, I am not into this kind of thing as it creates a tickle all over my body. But that was an awesome spa indulgence back then at the Plantation Bay.

4. Feel free to enjoy sumptuous meals at top rated restaurants.

We had our daily buffet breakfast at Kilimanjaro Restaurants, tasted the delicious dinner served at the Savannah Grill, and somewhat made our way out to the city, which is an hour ride from the resort, at night just to have a variety of Cebu’s famous lechon and local delicacies.

5.  Lay restlessly in a hammock, in a middle of nowhere.

Apart from swimming activities, there were also a lot of sweet nothings we had with each other’s company. There was a white hammock in the middle of the lagoon where we laid restlessly whilst enjoying the tranquility of the moment and hearing the waves of the waters. What a peaceful place on earth!

6. Explore the fullness of the resort with a romantic kalesa ride.

A kalesa ride is known for its use as a mode of transportation in Philippine’s Spanish era. As we now seldom see this, it became a popular trend for themed events and special places. And me and my girlfriends, as guests, never wasted our time without riding the resort’s kalesa.

7. Help yourself with the coolest of drinks at a bar on the pool.

I loved that Savannah swimming area as it offered us an easy access to drinks through its bar on the waters’ edge. They offered all types of drinks but I decided to go only for sodas to be safe.

8. Have a blast with the Patriot Ride.

I never wasted a precious time bonding with my friends. That patriot ride was such a stress-reliever to me, though I consumed too much energy trying to hold on as much as I can so I can avoid myself from falling. It was such an unforgettable experience! I thought it was all too simple compared to a banana ride.

9. Create a memory with kayaking.

It was my first time to go on kayaking. It was a funny one that I could not forget. As we made our way to the spot in Plantation Bay where it says deep waters, we struggled big time to maneuver to the other side. Mine and my friend’s kayak was able to re-route. But the other one, where two of our other friends are on board, was not. Alas, one of them jumped off leaving the other on the kayak. It was too late to realize that she was actually on the scuba diving area! Well, big thanks to those Japanese tourists who helped her out.

10. Enjoy while you are young and free.

That was one of my favorite escapades with friends when I am still single and about an age younger! Looking back, all I can honestly say is enjoy what God blessed you with and cherish those beautiful moments in your heart.



Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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