10 New Favorites To Look Forward To In Dubai’s Little Manila

It was a great privileged to have been invited by Dubai’s Little Manila to witness today’s fruitful afternoon at their Chef’s table. Had they not asked for honest feedbacks and suggestions from us, we wouldn’t have realized that they are keen in placing great value on their customer’s tastes, thoughts, and ideas.

This Filipino themed restaurant which caters the taste of multi-nationalities is soon to be launching its new authentic Filipino favorites in its Noodle Depot.

1. Tokwa’t Baka 

Bringing in their critical blend of soy sauce, beef broth, vinegar, white onions, scallions, and red chilli peppers makes up their very own version of tofu and beef. What we like best is that the meat was cooked too tender and juicy. Who would disagree for an AED 18.00 price if what we pay is irresistibly delicious?

2. Arroz Caldo 

Simmered in a ginger-based broth, this hearty chicken rice porridge plays one of our top picks. It is flavorful like no ordinary. An AED 14.00 per serve is not bad at all. At the end of the day, 2 could share for a price of one.

3. Goto

This classic Filipino congee, which cost AED 15.00, taste very similar as the arroz caldo except that it is made with beef tripes and eggs instead of chicken cuts. 

4. Beef Pares

One of the famous cravings in the street corners of every Filipino home is the beef pares. Though a bit oily, what makes this AED 18.00 combo of rice and braised beef a signature for Little Manila is that it is much tastier than what we normally get from the market. Plus the rice that goes with it is flavored well. One may order for rice alone which cost AED 5.00.

5. Lumpiang Sariwa

Another addition to the menu is fresh spring roll. This homemade crepe wrapped around varieties of veggies garnished with sweet sauce and crushed peanuts remained to be our choice for a healthy option. We love sweets so this goes well with our taste. The price of AED 12.00 for 2pcs per serve is fine. However, a thinner wrap with less open cut would be more appreciated.

6. Strawberry and blueberry cheesecake

Our tasting will not be complete without sweets. Some of the delectable and luscious desserts offered by the Bread Shop are strawberry and blueberry cheesecakes which cost AED 100.00 for a whole and AED 15.00 for a slice. We are no cheesecake lovers but we believed that a finer texture of these mouth watering treats will make it a double hit.

7. Others

Their authentic dishes are flavored with love and spices. Here are some of Philippine’s best that one can look forward to in Little Manila: the Beef Mami (AED 18.00), Pancit Palabok (AED 17.00), and Chicken Lomi (AED 18.00).

We thanked Little Manila for their effort in thriving to bring out the best in their flavors. They innovate with a heart! Overall, they are one of the few that offers quality food. That is why we always recommend them to our friends.


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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