5 Top Destinations To Visit In Davao, Philippines

On our few days of stay in Davao, the largest city in the Philippines, we had on our bucket list 5 destinations that we believe should never be missed by tourists, both foreign and locals.

1. People’s Park 

People’s Park is nestled in the heart of the city center and is located in Palma Gil Street so it was easy for us to locate. We spent an hour and a half to get to see the Sunken Garden, Children’s Library, Philippine Eagle replica, Durian Dome, and many other sculptures depicting the Lumad’s way of living. It is family and children friendly. And most of all, the entrance to the park is free.

2. Eden Nature Park And Resort

A refreshing air from the open fields is what we got apart from enjoying the lush greens in Eden Nature Park And Resort. The Php 520.00 for lunch buffet per adult, 330.00 per child, plus the Php 120.00 guided shuttle tour per person is worth our day’s awesome nature bonding and fun. It is one of the top picks in Davao especially for nature lovers like us. We enjoyed the sight-seeing around the acres of pines, flowers,  trees, and the replicas of Lumad’s representing their indigenous heritage. If you are busy in the corporate world and living in a noisy city, this place is perfect for you. This mountain resort, which is a 45-minute drive from the city, is located at the foot of Mt. Talomo in Calinan, Davao Del Sur.

3. Crocodile Park 

A home to one of the world’s wildest and fiercest animals is the Crocodile Park. We were not really a big fan of crocodiles but this place is worth a visit especially when we were with family. Those crocs in the water, some were sleeping and some were moving, are huge. And a great way to get away from these human eating mammals is by sitting at the bird show. Other wildlife species found in the park are snakes, birds, and other reptiles. Entrance to the park is Php 250.00 per adult and Php 150.00 per child. It is located in Gadi Road, Talomo, Davao City.

4. Malagos Garden Resort

Another nature spot we’ve visited is the Malagos Garden Resort which is a 45-minute drive from the city. Located in Barangay Malagos in Calinan, Davao, this cool highlands was built and made open to the public many years ago. If you are eyeing for a sweet escape from the busy streets, this place is one of the best you get your time off. With an entrance fee of Php 200.00 and a guided shuttle tour of Php 100.00, you’ll get to see the wildflowers, pine trees, waling-waling forest, and durian orchards.

5. Philippine Eagle Center

Very close to Malagos Garden Resort, within 10 minutes drive, is the Philippine Eagle Center. This place is literally a forest which housed Philippine’s national birds. We were able to meet “Pag-asa”, the first Philippine Eagle that successfully bred and hatched in captivity. It was an educational trip yet a fruitful one, especially that we were with kids. Entrance to the center is Php 150.00 per adult and Php 100.00 per child.


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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