A Complete Guide To Sergei Parajanov Museum

Armenia is famous for its historical sites and museums. Known as one of the world’s oldest city and the first ever country to declare Christianity as religion, many tourists would dare to see the ruins, manuscripts, and even works of arts of people many centuries ago. One of our favorites is the Sergei Parajanov Museum.

1. Who is Sergei Parajanov?

One of the greatest figures of 20th century cinema, Sergei Parajanov, is a Soviet film director and artist who made a name in Ukranian, Armenian, and Georgian cinematography. Accordingly, he was banned from film making and later on accusations landed him to prison for 5 years where he continued to handmake his artistic crafts.

2. Why is there a Sergei Parajanov Museum? 

His weirdest and outrageous imagination is very apparent in his works. Some of them were preserved in Sergei Parajanov Museum which was founded as a tribute to his great contibutions in the world of art. Because of our curiosity, we decided to go and pay the museum a visit.

3. Where is the museum located? 

We took a taxi from Republic Square and paid AMD 1,000 (USD 2.07 or AED 7.81) when we reached the site. It is located in a small street in Ethnographic Centre, Bldg 15 & 16, Yerevan. Since most of the cab drivers do not know how to speak English, do not give them the complete address. Show them a map or its Armenian name instead. Nearest landmark to note is the huge stadium outside which looks like a reversed shape of a dome.

4. How much is the entrance fee to the museum?

Each of us paid AMD 700 (USD  1.45 or AED 5.46) to enter the museum. Though it is free to have a look on few displays outside, we thought it was to our advantage if we go and have a peek inside. And we are right. Guided tours which cost AMD 2,500 (USD 5.18 or AED 19.53) is optional.

5. What to find inside the museum?

Much to our surprise, his works is not limited to films. He was able to make amazing collages, assemblages, and sketches out of trash, various materials and objects. Thousands of his framed collections are hanged on the walls.

We’ve seen part of his creativity in those incredible hats. Too attractive that we spent some time looking at each one’s intricate details, wondering how was that possible for someone in jail to excel in his field? 

Another distinctive masterpiece that pleased us is the leather bag that was designed like an elephant. It looks real cute!

There are a lot of things that our logic can’t explain such as a fish made out of broken combs. But maybe, they’re just art! Had we booked a guided tour, we could have understood the reasons behind. Unfortunately, time is gold so just wandered our own.

We were entertained by the shoes he made for an eastern woman and the clothes he weaved.

Those dolls that he handmade were scary. Statues, on the other hand, are strangely unique but with a great sense of fashion.

6. What time should I visit the museum? 

Having learned that most of the museums in Armenia are open only from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm, we decided to do it the first thing in our day’s tour around Yerevan. It was wise to see museums during its timings while do sightseeing of open places any time of the day.

7. How many hours should it take to see everything? 

The museum is not big so we were able to make it for about an hour. The collections and lovely settings are a good subject for photography. And if you are somebody who loves to capture every angle and who is eager to know each piece’s history, we suggest that you stay for the whole day.

8. Do I need a guided tour? 

As mentioned, we didn’t take one but we believe that it is a must for those who are studying arts and history. They can also help with English translations of Armenian letters and manuscripts.

9. Is it recommended to visit the museum? 

It was a very fruitful morning to have taken the time to explore the inside. It depends on one’s interests in order to decide whether or not to see Sergei Parajanov Museum. We are no artists but we gave it 5 stars! So how much more to our friend who paints?

10. Where to find more information about the museum?

You may visit their English website at www.parajanovmuseum.am for more interesting facts and articles. You may also wish to contact them at parajanovmuseum@gmail.com should you require further knowledge about the museum.


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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