5 Reasons To Subscribe On Chinkee Tan’s “Developing The Millionaire’s Mindset”

We spend a lot on things we don’t necessarily need. But what about foundational tools and kits that would help us become the best version of us? Or better yet help us become game changers in the future world? 99% in our lives, we overlooked this simple yet powerful strategy: to educate ourselves financially while starting from a zero base. Many times we heard people, even ourselves, complaining about having nothing at all. But that wasn’t really the problem. It has to be our mindset.

1. It is an eye opener. 

Chinkee Tan, the Philippines ranked #1 motivational speaker and top notched wealth coach, extends help on fellow Filipinos especially the overseas ones to overcome debt problems, money mistakes, financial irresponsibility, and unsuccessful ventures. He and his loving wife Nove-Ann would go around the globe to speak about and shed some light on such epidemics. Recently, they came in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to talk about “Till Debt Do Us Part.”

2. It is a is key in developing a millionaire’s mindset in us. 

As much as Chinkee wanted to accommodate everyone, having a speaking engagement of about 250 a year is difficult for him to do so. Thus, he came up with a brilliant idea of reaching out the globe without his physical presence. He created a study and online course entitled “Developing The Millionaire’s Mindset”. And we were so grateful to have subscribed on to it because we really benefited from this gem. We are currently in a situation where we needed it the most. Of course, God will always do the rest but we have to do our very best first. So this 20-session course just landed on our plate perfectly on time!

3. It is a necessary influence that could change the course of our lives.

Weighing the cost of buying this online course versus the essential benefits we could get, we decided to make a right decision to be financially literate. After all, it is not too late to become a good steward of God’s resources. And it will never be too late to start again. We also know by heart that by sincerely applying every single bit of information learned will surely make every count of our lives worthwhile.

4. It is a handy buddy that reminds and motivates us of our goals.

Another advantage of getting this course is that it can be downloaded on computers, tablets, or even in smartphones. It goes handily wherever we go. We can actually make our time fruitful rather than be leaving it idle. Whether we are in train cabins commuting, spending some relaxing afternoon at the pool, or taking some coffee break from work, we can always have a sneak peek of Chinkee Tan and hearing from him anytime we wanted to without the hassle of meeting him from time to time.

5. It is an ensemble of a humble beginning that would bring us to greater heights. 

Based on their own real life experiences, from scratch into something, Chinkee and Nove-Ann has the passion for sharing their advocacy with all of us. From the time that Chinkee was an actor and a member of Randy Santiago’s “Hawi Boys” until the time that he became a well-known public speaker in the Philippines, he displayed a spirit of modesty driven by a strong desire to succeed.

We love this power duo, they are too down to earth. And we consider them friends, not only on the outside but also on the inside. What we can see on televisions and up close on the personal is the same. We have hung out with them a few times already and we can always see their humility which impressed us big time. It is worth imitating and copying! So if we were to decide for you, we really go for the gold and grab the “Developing The Millionaire’s Mindset” course now!


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

6 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Subscribe On Chinkee Tan’s “Developing The Millionaire’s Mindset””

  1. Motivational speakers create courses and hold events as their way of earning a living. Generally not just out of the goodness of their hearts.But if they have a strong message and effective knowledge to share, it’s a good investment in terms of self-training and self-development. So posting about something like this that you feel is positive is a good thing 🙂

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  2. Wow! Awesome ! ! ! Thank you so much, francis and anna. 🙂 Perfect timing! This touches me a lot and will help me manage my finances. I have to be discipline as well. Btw, how to avail or subscribe to the “Developing The Millionaire’s Mindset” online course?

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