Why Karas Restaurant Beats Other Food Hubs In Yerevan

There is no better way to travel great unless the stomach is fueled. When we go and see places foreign to our sights, sometimes it gets difficult to find good food. Doing our research in advance can help big time but getting recommendations from peers and other travelers who have been there are most effective.

1. Location

It was late evening when we were meeting friends in Amenia on the very first night from our arrival. They introduced us to Karas Restaurant, the branch nearest to the Republic Square and a few minutes walk from our hostel.

2. Ambiance

The place is small with few tables inside. But we were impressed by its modern architectural design which gave us a feel of a bistro dining. It sets a tone for a relaxing mood, of course, with the exception that some people are smoking inside. By the way, 99% of food hubs in Armenia are labeled as “smoking”. So we didn’t have any other option as well.

3. Price

We thought Karas offers only a high-end dining. We had that in mind until we learned that most of the people who are traveling on a budget would really sit and grab something from them. When we checked their menu to place an order, we were so happy to see that prices are actually cheaper than expected! Menus, on the other hand, are made in 2 versions: one in English and one in Armenian.

4. Taste 

Karas is best in its variety of deliciously cooked special meat. May it be beef, chicken, lamb, or even pork. Name it and you have it. We played favorites and here’s our top 3: Pork Barbecue, Chicken Kebab, Pork Shawarma. We also tried Kachapuri, Georgia’s national food. Not only that, Karas is a must for travelers, especially Asians, who cannot live without white steamed rice.

pork rib barbecue AMD 2,350 (USD 4.87 or AED 18.36)
chicken kebab AMD 700 (USD 1.45 or AED 5.47)
khachapuri AMD 1,000 (USD 2.07 or AED 7.81)

Rice in Armenia are always served with butter on top. Also, Karas pffers a buy 2, get 2 combo for any pork loin or pork rib barbecues. We can’t help but miss their food already!

rice AMD 400 (USD 0.83 or AED 3.12)
Buy 2, Get 2: 2 orders of Pork Loin Barbecue at AMD 2,950 each ( USD 6.11 or AED 23.05) with 2 free orders of Pork Rib Barbecue

5. Service

Staff and crew of the restaurant are polite and nice. Though not all of them could speak English, they still managed to serve us very well. The cleanliness of the place is reflective of the quality of service they offer.

6. Overall

We strongly suggest that you don’t miss Karas for dining. Jaw-dropping kebabs and barbecues, and mouth-watering pork and chicken shawarmas are few of their best sellers!

For more information concerning their menu and prices, please visit www.menu.am. You may also wish to drop by their website at www.karas.am.


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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