3 Amazing Pork Recipes In Yerevan To Try Right Now

It is interesting to know that unlike in most Arabic countries where food is limited to “non-pork”, Armenia offers one. We enjoyed our stay in the Yerevan because of its dreamy destinations, tourist attractions, cold weather, and budget friendly and affordable food.

1. Giboie Mod 

The tastiest pork kebab we ever tried in Yerevan is the one served at the Giboie Mod. The pork meat was tenderly grilled to perfection. Though it’s a little farther, it was worth our time dropping by. Plus the interiors that looks like a ship cabin is awesome. The place is private and small but it is a nice location for a quiet evening with family or friends. It is a taxi away from the Republic Square, less than 5 minutes for AMD 1,000 (USD 2.07 or AED 7.81) one way.

Their prices are a little bit higher compared to others around Yerevan. We suggest you give it a try and taste their cooking yourself. You may wish to follow them on instagram too.

Total spent, inclusive of AMD 500 service charge, for 3 pax sharing: AMD 10,500 (USD 21.74 or AED 82.03).

pork kebab, 2 orders, AMD 5,000 (USD 10.35 or AED 39.06)
salad AMD 2,000 (USD 4.14 or AED 15.62)
rice, 3 orders, AMD 2,100 (USD 4.35 or AED 16.41)

2. Karas Restaurant

Karas Restaurant is already famous and known to some tourists especially those who are not only meat hungry but also rice lover. Our forever favorite that is above every delicious meal we tried in Karas is the pork ribs barbecue. Its modern architectural design is too attractive for us not to go in and stay for longer. It’s one of the best we’ve seen. Also, the good thing is it is less than 5-mitue walk from the Republic Square.

Total spent for 2 pax sharing: AMD 4,250 (USD 8.79 or AED 33.20)

pork ribs barbecue AMD 2,350 (USD 4.87 or AED 18.36)
chicken kebab AMD 700 (USD 1.45 or AED 5.47).
rice AMD 400 (USD 0.82 or AED 3.12)

3. Shaurma Club

Shawarma on the go is available to some of Yerevan’s food stalls. All of them offers pork shawarma but the most inviting and delectable are the Shaurma Club’s making. It was our first time to eat one in Yerevan! And mind you, it is very affordable.

Total spent for 2 pax sharing: AMD 2,100 (USD 4 35 or AED 16.40). 2 orders of pork shawarma and 1 bottle of sprite.

pork shawarma AMD 950 (USD 1.97 or AED 7.42)

Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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