5 Questions You Should Ask Before Booking Hotel 81 Gold

We understand that most of the time we had a hard time looking for the best value for our money when it comes to booking hotels. So we decided to share with you what we got in Singapore. There are 5 questions that we came up with before booking Hotel 81 Gold. Maybe, this will help you.

1. Is Hotel 81 Gold accessible? 

It took us 10 minutes walk from Aljunied mrt station to reach Hotel 81 Gold. Not bad at all. Also, just few steps outside the hotel are hawker centres, grocery stores, and shops. Though considered as part of Singapore’s red lite district, we believed the location is good and safe as it is a busy street. People are still up late at night. And we don’t stay the whole day at the hotel but on our destinations. Of course, we should always take caution if need be.

2. Is Hotel 81 Gold affordable? 

After the location, price is always the next big thing. Or most often the most important thing that we look at before choosing our stay. Being one of the cheapest private rooms offered in many 2 to 3 star hotels in Singapore, our stay in Hotel 81 Gold is already best for the price of SGD 55 per night via booking.com. If you are looking for prices lower than that, we suggest you get a shared dormitory style rooms. It totally depends on your choice. But for us, we are happy with the value deal we got in this hotel!

3. Is Hotel 81 Gold comfortable? 

The  twin room that we occupy is small in size. Yet it was a relaxing stay. The interiors are modern which we liked the most. We found a comfort away from home and a restful sleep after each of our tiring trips and tours.

4. Is Hotel 81 Gold clean? 

From the lobby up to the hallways and up to the rooms, the hotel’s management is able to maintain cleanliness all the time. Though the toilet and bath is too tiny that only one person can fit, we liked the thought that we can move comfortably well because it was kept tidy and neat. It also gave us the assurance that the beddings are free from dirts and bugs! A very good thing any traveler can get!

5. Is Hotel 81 Gold’s staff helpful? 

Their staff and crew are accommodating. The reception clerks whom we have met were nice and polite. They have assisted us with our needs. We even enjoyed a favor of storing our luggages at the lobby few hours before our check in time. Because of this, we were able to maximize our time outside rather than making it idle while waiting.


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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