4 Reasons Why Bugis Junction Is The Most Attractive Shopping Mall In Singapore

When we go for a trip, we usually explore places we haven’t seen, enjoy food we haven’t tried, and observe cultures we haven’t lived. Seldom do we shop unless there is a need. That is us and that is how we do it when we travel. But for others who really love to shop from one place to another, here’s an overview of what we think about the Bugis Junction in Singapore.

1. It is located right next to the metro station.

Being one of the most frequented tourist spots and shopping destinations in the country, the Bugis Junction is easily accessible via the green line mrt. From exit C of the Bugis station, we headed to the crowded old mall to get some stuff as we run out of clothes! This is the problem of unplanned trips, we forgot to bring in some extra! 

2. It offers a variety of trendy clothes and shoes.

Products being sold in this mall is of imported quality but not from famous world designers. They are very trendy and unique. No wonder a lot of tourists would stop by for some items. May it be a souvenir or a stuff for personal use, we can see the happy faces all around us. We, on the other hand, just bought what we need. And we’re satisfied. The last time we shopped here was in 2012. So prices have increased a bit. Bugis is strongly recommended for middle to lower class shopping. For those who can’t take their eyes off branded luxuries, then we suggest you visit the Paragon Mall.

3. It is relatively cheaper compared to the others.

Still pricey compared to Thailand’s products, these stuff are found to be cheap already when one is in Singapore. The lowest price we got when we get there recently is SGD 5.00 for a piece of clothe. Vendors here sell bags, shoes, clothes, dresses, and many other souvenir products.

4. It is one of the best place to buy your souvenirs.

This is also a good place to buy 24 pieces of key chains for the price of SGD 10.00 or 4 pcs of cute little folded bags for the same cost. 3 packs of chocolate boxes with the mark of Singapore on it were also sold 3 for SGD 10.00. It was overwhelming that there were so many ongoing promotions at that time. So we are sure that they will be giving more generous discounts especially for bulk. Though we didn’t had enough time to grab some, we believed that it is practical to get one from here for your friends or family back home than some other places where stuff are sold double the price.


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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