7 Insane Reasons That Will Make You Crave For Hot Palayok

For the 3rd time in the last week we found ourselves enjoying the splendor of Hot Palayok’s delectable dishes, on board Filipino cooking. We can’t just take our eyes off its unique, stylish, lively modern art Filipino setting.

1. Diverse daily menu

Different variety of food are being served on a day-to-day basis. So you can actually have the option of dining in Hot Palayok for consecutive days without the need to worry that you always get the same. But of course, there are those delectable specialties that are constantly being served such as beef and chicken sisig, kare-kare, et cetera. The last time we feasted on their deliciously stir fried shrimp and superb crab Thai curry. This time we indulged ourselves with their new tastes, shrimp in oyster sauce and ginataang alimasag. Both a must-try, mouthwatering. We are no pizza lovers but their tuna al forno pizza is so luscious. We also tried other new flavors and get ourselves full and hyper.

chicken pastel
ginataang alimasag
inihaw na tuna
seafood pasta
assorted maki
bihon guisado
shrimp in oyster sauce
tuna al forno pizza
blueberry cheesecake

2. Colorful drinks and cocktails

Sodas and iced teas are some of the all-time known favorites when it comes to quenching thirst after a sumptuous meal, a huge platter, or a full course buffet. We liked it how Hot Palayok played a twist in making its drinks look grand and special while creating a blend full of flavors. We took delight in their best seller, the Piñacolada. Freshly squeezed pineapple fruit mixed with coconut that was contained in its own pineapple skin. Isn’t it attractive? Plus the order of their Ultimate Chocolate Milk Shake overloaded with kit-kat, oreo, malteasers, twix, and other favorite chocolates. Burp! Can’t say enough!

Ultimate Chocolate Milk Shake, AED 24.00
Piñacolada, AED 30.00

3. Do-it-your-own stations

We all know that each one of us has different taste. And to cater this need, Hot Palayok made it simple by allowing us to do it ourselves. Their halo-halo station has all the ingredients we desire: kaong, nata de coco, coconut strips, ube jalaya, gelatin, sugar, milk, and crushed ice. We simply mixed and matched. Also, on the other side is the soup station where we freely chose, from meat to its flavor, to make a good one. On top of this, they have tables for hotpots. Just so you know.

Halo-Halo station
our own version of halo-halo
soup station
our own version of wanton soup 🙂

4. Sweet birthday surprises

Whenever you hear a loud bang followed by dancing and singing, don’t panic! It’s just their team’s effort to acknowledge a birthday celebrant’s meaningful life. It is the same with what is offered in the food industry. However, they just don’t beat the heat. What we noticed is the camaraderie that brings a joyful sensation to those who are listening. And as we watched, our smiles automatically stretched up to the ears! How happy we could get? It feels so “pinas” when we witnessed a modern version of Dodongs and Pedros serenading Maria Claras. Sweet, isn’t it?

5. New found tambayan

It is not crowded yet can accomodate big groups with overall capacity of 250 seating. A private function room for a maximum of 50 people is also offered. So we guess we just found a completely new hub to stay tune in to. The fact that they open until 2.00 am is advantage for workaholics and night people like us. We also bumped into our beautiful friends from Victory who were very much satisfied. 

6. 5-star customer service

It has always been good to get along with people around us, whether we know them or yet to know them. But it was even better to get a chance to be entertained by the people behind the restaurant’s success. Those smiling faces that we saw are simply doing great when they serve their customers the very best they could give. And it brought a lot to our hearts, more than food. One big bravo to them! By the way, these humble abode housed chefs and crews from Vikings Restaurants and Hilton Hotels. No wonder they were trained like a pro! Honestly, more than that, they could be our friends whom we could build relationships with.

missing their manager Michelle and Sultan and the rest of the busy staff in this photo 🙂
serving with a smile 🙂
politely entertaining guests 🙂
silently replenishing food when needed 🙂
maintaining cleanliness for customers’ comfort 🙂

7. Strategic store locations

The newly opened bigger branch in Dubai located in Al Wasl Hub behind the ADCB metro station was conceptualized out of the success of its first and original branch in Abu Dhabi situated inside the Madinat Zayed mall. We found these locations easy to access, by taxi or by train or by private car. Mr. Google can help you with the location, if need be!

Hot Palayok Abu Dhabi
Hot Palayok Dubai

Important to note:

Buffet timings: 11am to 4.30pm, 6pm to 12am. Lunch Buffet at AED 29. Dinner Buffet at AED 49. Visit www.hotpalayok.com for more info.




Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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