5 Reasons Why Mang Juan Restaurant Is One Of The Best Filipino Dining That You Will Love

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates where most overseas workers and expatriates reside. About an hour and a half drive from Dubai, Abu Dhabi is also known for its Filipino restaurants that are commonly visited by most Filipinos within the 7 emirates in the country.

1. Mang Juan Restaurant serves deliciously cooked lechon kawali.

Located in Al Markaziya and situated in the same building as Al Ain Palace Hotel, the Mang Juan Restaurant is the only one we know that offers pork recipes. So we were very grateful for the treat from a friend that ended up in a sumptuous lunch with 2 orders of lechon kawali. Who would have said no to that?

lechon kawali, aed 50

2. Mang Juan Restaurant offers the best taste of pinakbet.

Foreigners, both residents and tourists, are often seen dining in here. We were on our way to a conference when we decided to stop over for a quick meal. Pinakbet, a known Ilocano dish, remains to be one of our favorites. Mang Juan just served us with the most luscious one we’ve tasted so far.

pinakbet, aed 26

3. Mang Juan Restaurant has their signature Sisig Bagnet.

Sizzling plates, either in beef, chicken, or pork meat, is a must order in most of Philippine restaurants. Mang Juan’s sisig bagnet, with egg on top, is truly mouth-watering. This dish is always best to serve hot. On top of these, we also asked pancit canton and ensaladang talong to complete our orders. Plus iced tea.

sisig bagnet, aed 48
pancit canton, aed 26
ensaladang talong, aed 15

4. Mang Juan Restaurant’s ambiance is cosily dramatic.

Apart from its delectable Filipino cuisines, Mang Juan is a top 1 option for elegant dining with moderately priced menu. Though it was noted that 20% more on top of the total bill was paid for taxes and service charges, we would still recommend this restaurant to our friends. Opened in Abu Dhabi for few years already, Mang Juan retained its market because of its quality food and incredible architecture and cosy ambiance that is attractive to its guests.

5. Mang Juan Restaurant’s Friday buffet includes lechon.

It was our 3rd time dining in Mang Juan Restaurant. And this is the only time we made it ala carte. The previous 2 were on a friday brunch with other group of friends. We must say, their buffet is a pretty good option to eat all we can.

iced tea, aed 24



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