5 Amazing Trends About Planetshakers That Will Make You Change Your Mind

Last weekend was fun and sweet. Away from the usual routines of the day, our nights and stay in Abu Dhabi were so full of humours and laughs with great friends, lunch and dinner bonding over delicious meals, and star-studded magic from the Australian band and global ministry , the Planetshakers.

1. They offer you the best of themselves onstage.

Within the last 2 years, we have been listening to their songs. Never would we imagine to come accross them live and up front until we were given a chance when some friends blessed us with passes at their very recent tour and conference held in IPIC Arena in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Truly, our 1st Planetshakers experience is unforgettably the best of life. Seeing Ptr. Russell and Sam Evans, Joth Hunt, Josh Ham, Chelsi Nikkerud, and the rest of the team up close on stage was amazing.

2. They catch their audience attention with their beautiful voices.

They started the 1st night with a meaningful opening song and ended the 2nd day with another colorful one. Amongst those very familiar lyrics that were played were Leave Me Astounded, The Anthem, and Nothing Is Impossible to which the attendees of more than 4,000 came united to sing together with them. They are by far no ordinary band. They are more than what we see. They serve the Lord Almighty and they are passionate about it. Listen carefully to what they are playing and you will know what is in their hearts.

3. They speak blessings to everyone around them.

We are humbled to hear them speak and extend the blessings they received to the many who hungered for righteousness. We were reminded with a great deal when Ptr. Russell Evans spoke about God not giving us a 10-point plan but giving us the 1st step instead. Hearing him was like a flash of light and ringing of bells combined! That was bulls eye, as we thought to ourselves. Many times in our lives, we looked at our end goals without taking the necessary step of faith to reach the prize. We then realized that we needed to hear this out loud. They also talk about life. To quote Ptr. Russell “When there is life, there is sound. When there is Spirit of the Lord, there is life.”

4. They lift the name of God through their songs.

Those 2 days were amazing. We saw people dancing in the tune of the melody whilst lingering on the lyrics of the songs. And not only that. Everybody is just so filled with the Lord’s presence accompanied by inevitable joy of the hearts. Most of all, we saw ourselves floating in the love of God and lifting our hands higher in the air to give Him the greatest praise and honor. We maybe in the lowest season where tons of problems arise but we keep our best strategy to fight, that is to worship the Lord, our God.

5. They share with you how God left them astounded each time.

Ptr. Russell added that when we shout how good our God is, we are released from pain, discouragement, fear, depression, et cetera. Isn’t it amazing how God brought the Planetshakers here to leave us astounded as well? Honestly, we made a 2nd thought before coming to this conference. But one thing is certain now, it wasn’t a coincidence from being spared from missing this wonderful event. We believed in our hearts that we were meant to be here because God sent us so. We don’t know how others felt about the Planetshakers’ conference but for us, we don’t just drive ourselves crazy with a concert but we also thirst to receive a powerful message that can refresh us big time!


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

2 thoughts on “5 Amazing Trends About Planetshakers That Will Make You Change Your Mind”

  1. Wonderful abudhaabi n u r so much lucky on weekend there.great quotation of Russell-“where is life,there is sound;where is spirit of God,there is life”-absolutely truth.


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