How I Made My Superb Staycation In Centro Barsha

Urban life’s bustles could sometimes lead to pressure when not flavored with social activities. Thus, the two of us would always want to keep our life well by keeping our marriage healthy. Having fun under the heat of the sun is one way and spending a night somewhere with family or friends is another. Both are helpful in blossoming one’s personal growth but creating a colorful escape with an overnight stay is amazingly stress-proofing and beauty-rejuvenating. 

1. Location

We used to live in Al Barsha for a couple of years and never did we think of finding a sweet haven here until very recently that Rotana’s Centro Barsha was introduced to us. The hotel can be reached via a private car, taxi, or train within minutes depending on your location. If you decide to take the metro, it will require a 10-minute walk from Sharaf DG station.

2. Lobby

Stunning lobby, we thought when entering this lavish underrated 3-star hotel. Elegant and chic. We were welcomed by friendly receptions and accommodated by a professional guest services manager who have assisted us with our needs. Check in time is at 2.00pm.

3. Friday brunch, C. Taste

The hotel is designed to cater business people but is not limited to such. In fact, there are a lot of tourists booking its rooms for both a short and a long stay in Dubai. C. Taste offers a variety of mouth-watering, jaw-dropping, eye-catching international, continental, and Mediterranean cuisines to serve the different taste of its global customers, from appetizers to main dishes to desserts. It was a real privilege to have dined in their finest brunch buffet on a lazy Friday. Timings are from 12.30 pm until 4.00 pm. Crews and staff of the restaurant assisted us with care. That makes our dining more exciting.  We stayed for a while until our cravings lasted.


salad bar

4. Bar station and meeting rooms

After a pretty heavy meal, we looked at the hotel’s amenities and see what else we can do in an hour or so. Right beside C. Taste is C. Deli and on the other is C. Mondo, the hotel’s liquor station.We are told that guests are only allowed to drink after 12 pm. We are not into drinking alcoholic beverages, though. Very near the bar is the hotel’s meeting rooms used for private meetings and business conferences that can accommodate up to 30 persons maximum each.

bar, smoking area


meeting room
meeting room

5. Gym

In the small gym at the penthouse are facilities such as thread mills, dumbbells, stepper, and bikes which we freely used to do a late afternoon warm up. Business men and foreign workers lodged in this hotel, however, do their routine exercises in the morning. We liked it because it was quiet and private, and most of all not too crowded.


6. Suite room

The soft and comfortable touch of the bed, the very clean and tidy linens, and the state of the art modern interiors of our suite room invited us to an early rest. It was a good night’s sleep, indeed. We are very particular with cleanliness and order so we find ourselves amazed with their toilet and bath even if there is no tub. We loved its living room and its breakfast area. And we appreciated their heart warming gifts of Centro merchandises and welcome fruits.



7. Swimming pool

We are too lazy to move when our alarm starts ringing in the wee hours. But what do we do? The pool at the rooftop is enticing and inviting. Besides, plunging into the waters first thing in the morning is one of the best refreshers to start a day, when it is still clear. 



8. Breakfast buffet, C. Taste

After our fulfilling swim, we got ourselves ready and enjoyed a sumptuously rich breakfast buffet. It opens at 6.00 am until 10.30 am. Guess what, we were there until it ended! We tried almost everything we see: bread and butter, salads, fresh fruits, sausages and turkey bacon, meatballs, and omelet. We are so satisfied that we would recommend you to include a breakfast in your booking. C. Taste is truly one of Centro Barsha’s pride.


9. Centro Barsha

We decided to, once again, take a nap before leaving so we checked out late at around 3 pm. It was a short but meaningful stay as we are celebrating a very special occasion. Centro Barsha is definitely a must stay! Strongly recommended! 

10. Overall experience.

Our stay with Centro Barsha is highly satisfactory. It exceeded our expectation and we are beyond grateful. A must stay! For a 3 star hotel like this, the ambiance and architecture seem to be of an upgraded rating. The cleanliness of the hotel and the hospitality of its staff is noticeable. That is the brand of Rotana, delivering the greatest value to its guests. And our first impression lasts.

One bedroom suite with breakfast buffet ranges from AED 500 to AED 600 per night. Rates vary depending on seasonal promotions. You may also do your booking via Friday brunch per person is AED 129. For more details, visit Centro Barsha. Also, to know more about C. Deli’s breakfast and brunch, you may visit our blog 5 Secrets To A Worthy Friday Brunch In C. Taste, Centro Barsha.



Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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