5 Pleasant Ways To Enjoy A Good IFTAR In C. Taste Centro Capital Centre

Rotana is known not only with its luxurious hotel chains but also for its good culinary delights. Very recently, we had an exciting and fulfilling Ramadan IFTAR dinner in C. Taste Centro Capital Centre, a Rotana’s pride in Abu Dhabi.

1. Find a nice and cosy place for dinner. 

It was a very busy weekend. When we arrived at 7.15 pm on a Friday evening, the whole place was already occupied and tables were almost filled. The restaurant is homey and cosy but that night was just too crowded. This must have been one of the city’s best IFTAR server, we thought.

2. Spend time with your family and loved ones.

We saw groups of people coming in and out of the restaurant during our dining. Normally, families go together for dinner after a long day’s fasting. However, it is not limited to them. Anyone can actually grab some bountiful Iftar treats with or without company. So why don’t you visit C. Taste Capital Centre and bring your loved ones and friends along?

3. Get healthy with varieties of salad to choose from.

For hungry stomachs, it would always be wise to do soups and salads first before going for a heavy meal. So it is important to have this option in a buffet stand. Vegetarians would never miss this at the end of the day. Whether they are in fast or not. By the way, their mixed capsicum salad and tabbouleh are just few of those greens we love. Also to note is their do-it-your-own salad where you can freely choose its dressing, may it be balsamic, ranch, or vinaigrette. Their cream of mushroom soup, too, is tasty.

salad bar

4. Enjoy the finest taste of international selections.

We cannot forget C. Taste Centro Capital’s Turkish mix grill. It was deliciously and tenderly cooked to perfection. How luscious could it get that we ended up having a 2nd round, both in vermicelli rice? Another carb that we feasted on into is their pasta penne. As fries lovers, we found their baby potatoes good. Others we’ve tasted were lamb okra, frekkeh mouzat, chicken bakhari, harra, and hot mezze.

turkish mix grill
steamed vegetables
pasta penne

5. Delight in the sweetness of desserts overloading. 

Of course, the night was not over yet because we knew we had to try their mediterranean delicacies and assorted mini cakes. We were too full to eat after several drinks of orange and apple. But we still managed to have some before we went off.

It was, indeed, a fun-filled “eat all we can” night. The price for an Iftar dinner from 7 pm until 9.30 pm is AED 125 per person, net. Visit C. Taste Centro Capital Centre for more information and details.


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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