6 Lavish Iftar Trends You Need To Know About Channels Restaurant

Rotana is known for its luxury branding, promoting comfort and value to its global guests. One of its restaurants, Channels, which is located at the ground floor of Media Rotana Hotel in Dubai is already one of the top favorites in our list. After having a splendid iftar, we would recommend you to try the specialties this 5-star food hub has to offer.

Welcomed with so much warmth by their accommodating staff and and helpful crew, we personally believed that they’ve got one of the best customer services in town. On top of it, the grand ambiance made our dinner rich and regal.

1. Soup

We started our iftar buffet with seafood bouillabaisse soup, one of the two being served. We liked it, its tasty excellent. We are no fan of the Arabic lentil but we are certain that this is also a big hit for diners especially those who are doing their fast.

2. Fruits and salad

They do have their stations and bars for healthy options, that is, the leafy greens, fruit cuts, fresh seafood on ice, cheese and jam selections, and sushi platters. One could even do their salad their own way where they just need to choose from anything they love and get some dressings they want. We couldn’t really tell about your taste but they are good. The chicken Hawaiian salad, however, is exceedingly great taste!

3. Bread and butter

There is an overload of freshly baked basketful of breads. A variety of artisan, homemade, grain, corn, french, and arabic breads are available plus a choice of butter we want. This is a perfect place for bread lovers too!

4. Main course

Channels Restaurant is serving sumptuously rich iftar treats. The wide selections of meat, pasta, rice variety, and other main dishes is too overwhelming. Who would not go for a tenderly cooked lamb ouzi, zaatar marinated grill lamb chops, and mixed grill? Elaborate and superb meaty dinner!

lamb ouzi
zaatar marinated grill lamb chops
mixed grill

5. Dessert

Colorful as they are, the heavenly delicious desserts are mouth-watering and jaw-dropping. Couldn’t resist an unrestricted diet with our gorgeous favorites: green apple mouse cake, trio chocolate mousse cup, white chocolate panna cota, blueberry panna cota, chocolate raspberry doom, and strawberry soup. By the way, choices of arabic ice creams and sweets are also flooding.

green apple mousse cake

6. Drinks

Apart from water, a drink all you want with 5 different flavors to choose from is a wise dining option. So get and try Channels now. Mind you, we had several rounds of orange and lemon with mint juices, by the way. Too full that we were not able to try the rest.

Iftar buffet cost AED 180 per person and 20% off is available for Emirates NBD holders. Not bad for an exceptional culinary delights. Timings are from sunset to 8.30 pm. It is close to the Dubai Internet City metro station. For interested diners, you may contact Mr. Lesvin Fernando or visit Channels Restaurant for booking, promotional discounts, updated prices, and inquiries. 


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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