How To Apply For A German Schengen Visa In Dubai

Visa is required to enter Germany and its applications vary depending on your nationality, the length of your planned stay, your preferred country of entry, or to where you intend to stay for a longer period. Filipino citizens who are residents in Dubai, United Arab Emirates who wish to visit Germany are eligible to apply. And here’s how.

Step #1 Know your visa type. 

Schengen visa category C is required for nationals listed in who are planning a short stay of up to 90 days in Germany for purposes of airport transit, medical treatment, tourist visa, visit visa, sports.

Please note that schengen visa is not applicable for permanent stay in Germany. You may visit the German Consulate in Dubai on this regard.

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Step #2 Submit your online application.

Submit your completed visa application form online. Make sure to print it, most especially the page that shows the bar code, and bring this with you to the visa application centre together with the required documents to be submitted.

Step #3 Schedule an appointment.

Make sure that you apply for a German schengen visa at least 2 months prior to your date of travel to Germany. Though we had applied a month before we flew, it is still important to give it some extra time allowance. Schedule an appointment via VFS Global Dubai and visit the same site for further information regarding visa processing and scheduling. All German visa applications from Subai are processed through VFS Global, located at the 2nd level of Wafi Mall.

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Step #4 Pay the relevant visa fees.

Visit VFS Global located in Wafi Mall in Dubai on the date and time of your appointment. Submit the necessary documents and pay the relevant fees. Visa fees for adults, children aged 6 to 11, and those below 6 years old are AED 240, AED 140, and AED NIL, respectively.

Step #5 Make a personal appearance.

Visa applications are processed normally within 2 weeks or less. However, they may require you to visit the German Consulate in Dubai for personal appearance apart from your prior visit to the visa application centre of VFS Global. Just like in our case, they asked us to have a one time visit. It didn’t take long, about 2 minutes. Then we’re done.

Step #6 Wait for the mail. 

We opted to receive our schengen visa by courier. We indicated our mailing address and after 5 work days, we received it with a positive result, a 30-day multiple visit granted! We hope this helps and we wish you enjoy your trip soon!

credit: pixabay

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