Beginners Guide: 5 Places To Visit In Frankfurt

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and most of its visitors would enter the country via Frankfurt International Airport. It marks the opening of the summer season when we arrived, the month of June. Germany is beautiful and so is Frankfurt.

1. Frankfurt Train Station

We were then staying in Park Inn by Radisson Mainz when we decided to give Frankfurt a visit. Within 2 minutes walk from the hotel is the nearest bus stop. We paid EUR 2.75 each to bring us to Mainz Central Station. And the trains from Mainz to Frankfurt cost us EUR 8.25 per person. It was about 45 minutes on the average to reach Frankfurt station.

2. Frankfurt Cathedral

We enjoyed a whole day’s escape in the city. One of the most frequented destinations for tourists is the Frankfurt Cathedral or commonly known as Frankfurter Dom, the imperial cathedral of St. Bartholomew. We thought we can find massive church goers but to our surprise, it was empty with few tourists inside.

3. Schirn Kunsthalle 

Not far from  the cathedral is the Schirn Kunsthalle, an exhibition hall showcasing both modern and contemporary art. We were not able to get inside this modern building but were happy to have a glimpse of the preserved ruins outside. We stayed for few minutes and left the place to find some coffee shop.

4. Market Square

One of the on foot walking tours in Germany is the Frankfurt market square known as the Römerberg. There is a lot of cafeterias and food stalls around the Römerberg building complex, a home to the Frankfurt city administration since the 15th century. It was a fresh afternoon, relaxing and comforting. We only used to see this in postcards and refrigerator magnets but that was different. This magnificent view in front of us is real, we remembered vividly. This is a must go, we must say.

5. Love Lock Bridge

Who would not bother to drop by this beautiful bridge overlooking the city just to lock it with love? Well, there is really nothing unusual with Eiserner Steg Bridge, that is its name, but the trend is people would put colorful padlocks with their names engraved on it. Thus, making it an icon in Germany. For a lot of reasons to tell, lovely locals and foreigners do it to shout out for love, keeping in with the fad, leaving a souvenir, making a vow to a special one, et cetera. If you would ask about us being here, well we just wanted to take a peek and capture a moment. We are tourists at the end of the day!


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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