3 Things The World Doesn’t Know About Rudesheim

There is not one town in Germany that is not rich in culture and history. Every single place has its own unique story to tell. We’ve never heard of Rudesheim all our life until some Germans who we came accross and get acquainted with surprised us with a wonderful visit to this fabulous small town.

1. Drosselgasse

Too grateful that God brought us here, we decided to share with you the best street we’ve seen so far in history where we spent a meaningful time with new-found friends. Drosselgasse is a 2 meter wide cobbled street where small wine houses were built around the area. Whilst passing through its tiny and narrow alley, we imagined traveling through time that we never knew existed. Those lovely architectural concepts and castle-looking homes were just too beautiful to stare at. Oh Germany, we would love to go back. This mini wonderland literally blew our minds off!

 2. Seilbahn Rudesheim

Our guide was busy talking about the enchanting tale of two lovers, somewhat similar with that of Rapunzel’s. Well, we didn’t really listened much as we were too busy taking photos around the place. But we do noticed that in Germany, when people speaks everyone listens. Seilbahn Rudesheim is an open air cable-car that can bring you from Ruedesheim to the Niederwald Monument, passing through the German’s well-known romantic valley.

 3. Niedelward Monument

The 38-meter-high monument is a reminder of the French-German War of 1870 and the re-establishment of the German Empire. Little did we know that we would reached this far. Visiting such a famous part of history that leaves a colorful imprint in the lives of French and German people to this day is a unforgetable privilege. The Niedelward Monument is said to be the biggest in Europe. According to our guide, there was a letter written in a stone by the king before his last breath. From atop the monument, we can see the middle part of the longest river Rhein, connecting Switzerland, Germany, and France.

We cherished every step made. Our Rudesheim trip was worth it. It is definite that we are coming back. This place is not yet known to the world but we strongly and highly recommend.



Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

23 thoughts on “3 Things The World Doesn’t Know About Rudesheim”

  1. I spent a day and a night in Rudesheim and it was fantastic. I’d love to go back there one day. did you see the town and the river at night? that was wonderful too. nice post. loved the pics.

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