12 Places That Will Motivate You To Explore The Town Of Mainz In Germany

As every traveler becomes a story teller, it was a privilege for us to see a whole new world out there, somewhere in Germany. We could not forget our wonderful adventure and relaxed visit to this tiny little town of Mainz. We never imagined running into a beauty such as this.

1. Guest House Mainz

There is no one at the hotel when we arrived. Not even one at the reception. It seemed to us that we are the guests and the hosts at the same time! It never occurred to us that Germans are that self-disciplined that they can afford to have their guests make their own way to their rooms with no one single staff around until we arrived.

2. Bis Bald

This part of Mainz is love! It is a mini-desert in an orange sand overlooking a bridge over the beautiful and iconic river Rhein. The cold atmosphere made it more comfortable that we spent some time gazing at those cargo ships passing whilst eating cheesy German nachos. We’d never seen such a place before where a couple could actually do a relaxing and romantic moment in a lover’s boat-like colorful hammock. We also noticed its cute children’s playground.

We were enjoying a sunny night when two big men approached us. Scared, we thought we will end up in jail for no reason at all! Only to found out that we were carrying sodas bought from the outside which is not allowed. Well, that was an honest mistake. We never knew. Glad, they allowed us to keep the drinks in our bags.

3. River Rhein

The longest river connecting Switzerland, Germany and France is famous in the world of history. The river Rhein was used to transporting trade and people in Europe’s old civilisation. Most of the people in Germany spent an afternoon picnic with friends in the near riverbank.

What added colors to our visit here was the long walkway with lively green trees at the sides. The next time we’ll see this place, it will be with our families.

4. Davidius Victor Arch

This triumphal arch, which was built by councilman Davidius Victor in the 3rd century, was one of Mainz’s small piece of Roman history. When we were there, it reminded us so much of our alma mater The University of Santo Tomas because it resembles the big ark located in the España entrance.

5. Electoral’s Palace

This 17th century Renaissance Palace which was built after WWII was since the home to the Roman Elector. We enjoyed our history-filled visit!

6. Christ Church 

One of Germany’ famous Evangelical Christian Churches is the Christ Church of Mainz. It has a beautiful dome-like architecture.


7. Asia Family

Food is a necessity every traveler needs. Though we spent around 2 hours looking for Asian or Oriental meals. We ended up at Asia Family. It is a small Chinese restaurant in the area. They offered tasty and budget meals but on a super giant portion! This is what we learned when we hopped on to eat in Germany: Germans eat one meal a person only but with huge quantity. They are not fond of sharing as most Asians are doing.

8. Hans-Klenk Fountain

Whilst letting our feet brought to us to places we never knew, we accidentally passed by the fountain attributed to Hans Klenk.

9. Cherry Garden

One of Mainz’s old town square, Cherry Garden, is a romantic spot showcasing unique and half-timbered houses.

10. Central Station

Our hotel is located near the central station which made it easy for us to get transportation access, mostly by trains, buses and cabs.

11. Shopping Mall

We managed to take a sneak peek to their modern shopping mall.

12. Mainz’s Signature

Graffiti and street arts are also known to Europe. So we wouldn’t be surprised if we were able to pass by this black and white portfolio in one of the old walls.



Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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  1. Gorgeous places you’ve gone. Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing!
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  2. I love Germany with all my heart. It’s such a beautiful country. I’ve been there just once in Berlin and I am still talking about that with delight. 🙂


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