8 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get Bored In Universal Studios Singapore

One of the common interests we shared as husband and wife is theme parks. The Disneyland and the Universal Studios are among our top 2 picks. Recently, we spent a good time visiting the Universal Studios Singapore (USS). For a couple of times already, we thought that we were not that excited about it anymore. But little did we know that it was even more, an overloaded adventure and a fun-filled craze.

1. The Universal Studios Singapore is a happy place.

Bringing out the child heart in us, we took every chance to shout for joy. Every single moment spent was worth the heat of the sun. When I look at the photos we have taken from place to place, it brings back a sweet memory that can never be erased. 


2. The Universal Studios Singapore is a good place to meet and greet their famous characters.

It was a souvenir of a lifetime to have been able to get hold of the World’s famous cartoon characters from the Universal Studios. We enjoyed spending a minute for those photo ops, though queuing is not our favorite subject.

3. The Universal Studios Singapore allows you to sojourn a world of fairytale.

We knew it was just a make-believe kingdom where a happy ever after never really existed in real life. But welcoming ourselves into the Universal Studios’ version of fantasy rides and adventures allowed us to step into what we normally as kids see on tv.


4. The Universal Studios Singapore gives you the chance to take a break and have some meals.

Who says its difficult to get food inside? On the contrary, there are a lot of food stalls and carts scattered in all the land. Even restaurants and diners such as the Mel’s Drive where we had taken our late lunch is also available. 

5. The Universal Studios Singapore takes you to the extremes.

Soaring high with Puss N’ Boots Giant Journey and going whirlwind inside The Revenge of the Mummy were amazing. These roller coasters, one is outdoor and the latter is indoor, are a must try! One of the extreme yet fulfilling water rides that we love too much is the Jurassic Park’s Rapids Adventure. This is no ordinary rapids, wait and see for yourself the catch that you can never imagine! Also, to note our memorable 3D encounter with the Transformers ride.

6. The Universal Studios Singapore gets you dry.

For those of you who were hesitant to get wet after a water ride, know that your needs are taken cared of. The Universal Studios offers its guests a giant drier where you can dry up and go home with convenience. It goes for a fee, about SGD 5.00 per few minutes’ use.

7. The Universal Studios Singapore brings you to the land of wonders.

It was also good that we’ve strolled along the streets of Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away, Madagascar. The thrills and the exciting deals these lands has to offer is unforgettable for kids and adults alike. Our crate adventure in Madagascar and Shrek’s 4D adventure in Far Far Away were both joyful, considering that 85% of the passengers were little children who have passed the age and height requirements!


8. The Universal Studios Singapore is never enough for a day.

Some goers may choose to stay only half a day while others preferred to maximize a full day at the Universal Studios. Because it was big and consisting of different parts, it is really hard for us to go and try everything we can in just ome day. Maybe that was the reason why we keep on coming back here every time we visit Singapore.



Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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