Do-It-Your-Own: Singapore-Malaysia-Singapore By Bus 

A wise traveler would always want to travel 2 or 3 or more countries in one go, crossing in one border to another. In order to keep the cost low and to maximize our time, most of us do it. Either in Europe or in South East Asia or in Caucasus region, one can spend few days visiting countries located close to each other.

1. 707 Inc Express Bus

Singapore is one of our “homes” for the last 11 years. When finally we got to visit the country again, we decided that this time has to be a longer stay with a side trip to Malaysia. Because we don’t want to compromise our tight budget, we looked for ways how to reach Malaysia without even spending a fortune. That is, definitely not by plane nor first class coach! Luckily, we found one transport operator with relatively cheaper prices. Bus 707 Inc Express Bus. We booked it online via Prices could vary depending on sates but our one way fare cost us around SGD 23 each.

2. Ban San Street

Just within a minute’s walk from Bugis is the Singapore-Johor Express Terminal. Located in Ban San Street, buses are expected to leave based on intervals so make sure you know what time is your ticket good for. We left at 7 am. Accordingly, we will reach Genting Highlands in 7 hours.

3. Singapore Immigration

The bus stopped at Singapore immigration where all passengers were requested to go down and pass through immigration.

4. Malaysia Immigration

The 2nd stop was at the immigration of Malaysia. Filipinos are eligible for visa upon arrival. For other nationalities who need to have a visa in Malaysia, you need to present such at the counter.

5. Yong Peng

It will be impossible to go straight to Malaysia with hungry stomachs. It became a practice that most buses going to Malaysia would stop at Yong Peng for its passengers to get a meal or use the toilets. We ordered for duck rice that cost us RMB 3.50 each plus a MYR 2.00 for a bottle of water.

6. First World Hotel 

We reached Genting Highlands at 2.00 pm, just in time for our check-in. There are different drop off points within Genting but since we are staying in First World Hotel Genting, we have chosen to book 707 with drop off at the lobby of the hotel. The cold weather of the highlands welcomed us from our pleasant journey.

After our meaningful overnight stay, bus 707 picked us at the same location where they dropped us, just outside the lobby of First World Hotel near to Starbucks. Just make sure you already made your booking for a return to Singapore. Bus fare is cheaper from Malaysia to Singapore. We left Genting at around 12 noon.

7. Menjual Barangan Tempatan

After few hours, we we were give 30 minutes time off to get some goodies or souvenirs should we want one.

8. Yong Peng

Another 30 minutes was given for a short meal and refresher.

9. Malaysia Immigration

All passengers are requested to present their passports. Note that you have to bring your luggage with you too. As what we did.

10. Singapore Immigration

Once again, we got off the bus with our luggage with us for the final immigration clearance to enter Singapore once again. Our supposedly 7 hour travel time was extended simply because we forgotten about the disembarkation card. We were supposed to be the next in line so we tried to write as quickly as we could but the next batch of passengers from another bus came rushing in. In turn, we qeued for a long time. Almost an hour. And viola, our Bus 707 left us. We didn’t know what to do. But still, it was fortunate that we saw the next Bus 707 and when we came for help, they allowed us to go with them. Sitting at the aisle is not bad after all!

11. Ban San Street

It was almost 10 pm when we arrived! Too late that we headed to Bugis for some Mc Donald’s dinner. Lesson is don’t forget your disembarkation card should you need one.


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

6 thoughts on “Do-It-Your-Own: Singapore-Malaysia-Singapore By Bus ”

  1. Nice Post! I always been curious to know how does Immigration would work if we took a bus from Malaysia to Singapore. Btw..what does disembarkation card means? Why did you have to wait in queue for that? 🙂


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