Why I Am Proud To Be A Filipino? The Illustrado Magazine’s Asian Mafia Held In Miss Wang’s Is One

We were too grateful to have been invited to a private event called Asian Mafia organized by Miss Wang and Illustrado Magazine. It was a great and fun night with friends whilst meeting new ones.

The Illustrado Magazine

We believed that the Illustrado Magazine (www.illustradolife.com) is a pride of the Filipino community as it focuses on promoting Filipino class, culture, and their unique lifestyle. Published in the UAE, the magazine features the most influential Filipinos in the Gulf to serve as inspiration to millions that we Filipinos are influencers that can make a huge difference! And to the editor-in-chief, Ms. Lalaine, your warmth in welcoming us is greatly noted and appreciated.

photo credit: Kier Pascual

Miss Wang Restaurant

Located in Dubai’s Majestic Hotel in Mankool Road, Miss Wang is a lovely and contemporary urban resto bar with a funky design and live band. It was our first time and we loved the place. They served real good Asian cocktails. Few of their best sellers that we can recommend are crunchy volcano shrimps, Vietnamese spring rolls, sake pork bbq skewers, and Vietnamese banana cake. Plus non-alcoholic drinks as it has always been the case for us, being Francis and Anna.

crunchy volcano shrimp

Influential Filipinos 

When Filipinos bond together, it really is heart warming! Crazy as it may sound, no one Filipino would greet you without the sweetest of smiles. All, known or unknown, will do it with joy! Thanks to our dear pal, fashion photographer Bethoven Filomeno (caughtbybetongslens) for tagging us along. We enjoyed meeting influential Filipinos in the Gulf and new happy faces during the event. Also, we make the most of our chance to spend the night with our good friends Jay and Nina Carpio (www.smilelikenina.com), Ion Gonzaga (www.boydubai.com), Cathrine Bautista, and Juan Muniz.

with Cathrine Bautista of Intercontinental Hotel and Consul Paul and Yasmin Cortes
with Juan Muniz (Michael Cinco designer) and Bethoven Filomeno (fashion photographer)

Proud To Be Pinoy

Filipinos rock and we are proud to be Pinoy! Each one has a different story and talent to tell but there is one amazing thing in common amongst Filipinos, that is, one can always see a glimpse of camaraderie and joyful spirit no matter the situation. No wonder, Filipinos always stand out and shine in brilliance wherever they may be!



Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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