What’s Hot In Little Manila? Well, Excited To Tell  You That Lechon Trends Is In The House

Little Manila already established a name to both the Filipino and foreign community in Dubai. Located in Muraqqabat, Deira, the food house maintained its known Filipino food brands, each one showcasing its own specialties. And more to it, they constantly innovate on food!

So, what now? Little Manila finally launched The House of Lechon Manok. And once again, it was a privilege for us to get to sit with our fellow bloggers at the chef’s table and to get to taste varieties of uniquely cooked lechon, from chicken to beef.

Lechon Manok

It is too popular for a meal in the Philippines that every Filipino knows about. Lechon manok, which remained to be one of our top choice foods at home, is finally in the house. The House of Lechon Manok is now serving its own version that for a value price of AED 45, one can already get a 1 whole chicken of 1.4 kilos, 1 bowl of chao fan rice for 2 persons, and 2 red iced tea. Tasty and juicy, definitely a thumbs up from us!

Roasted Manok Wraps 

We loved it how Little Manila came up with a new recipe, chicken wrap with roasted chicken strips inside. Who would ignore this delicious bite? AED 10 for a big piece of wrap sliced in 2 plus a cup of red iced tea! Honestly, this is the easiest we can get when hunger strikes. Believed it or not, it surpassed the other flavored wraps in the industry!

Lechon Baka Paksiw

The roasted beef stew or the so-called lechon baka paksiw is also our favorite. Taste wise plus the fact that it goes with 1 bowl of chao fan rice and 1 red iced tea, one will not hesitate to dine for only AED 27.

Halo Halo Supreme

The Bread Shop and Fruitas are also keeping track of new sweets to ponder. AED 18 on a tall cup could be pricey for some and not for the others. But mind you, this one is extra special. For such a hot summer’s kiss like this, Little Manila’s halo halo supreme’s unique blend of sweet potato base is too excellent to ignore. We are giving it 5 stars!

Cinnamon Roll Ala Mode

One of the newest desserts to try on is the not-so-sweet AED 18 worth cinnamon roll ala mode, topped with magnolia vanilla ice cream. Unlike any other, it is above our expectations. We must admit, with or without toppings and plating, these rolls rock! For brownie lovers, you need not to worry because choco brownie ala mode is also available for the same price. We love them both but we personally picked the cinnamon roll over the other.

What else? 

Also, the House of Lechon Manok recently introduced lechon baka liempo, tenderloin lechon macau, lengua baka, and lengua estofado. We personally prefer these to be served hot to get the best of its taste. And don’t get dismayed just yet. We learned that lechon pato, lechon kambing, and et ceteras of the lechons are full house specials too! Can’t wait to try them soon with our friends.

It was a fruitful afternoon, a happy tummy and a close encounter once again with 2 of the people behind Little Manila’s success, that is, Ken Peralta and Chef Jojo Joaquin. Thank you for hosting us. 

And a lovely time with Dubai’s famous bloggers who participated with their hearts full. To name a few, Mary May Gimena (www.mmindubai.com), Lance Japor (DuBlog ), Ion Gonzaga (www.boydubai.com), Myla Laurel (www.findmeabreak.me), Mauhreen Mandap (www.blessedindubai.com), Junie Sorsano (Buhay Sa Dubai), and Henri Macahilo (www.thefilipinotimes.ae). Go and check their blogsites and youtube channels! We are sure you’ll find amazing reviews in there!


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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