Ortegos Deli Is Love! 4 Reasons Why It Is A New Favorite

Filipinos love food. No questions ask as it has always been the case where food is a big chunk of our spending. From time to time, we always scout for new, good, tasty, value, hot, and trending food.

# 1 Ambiance

So here’s the thing. We are excited to share with you our awesome first time experience with this little fab spot for Filipino and Asian casual dining located in shop 2, Mankhool Street, opposite Al Hanaa Centre, Satwa, Dubai. Cosy dining on a white picturesque background at the comfort of the restaurant’s cleanliness played a major impact in customers’ repetitive visits. We were simply at home with Ortegos Deli.

# 2 Food

Though we haven’t tried everything yet but our dinner was superb. We were grateful for our friends who ordered for one of Ortego’s best sellers, the Chicken Tower. This delicious chicken bbq is tenderly cooked to perfection. And note that it goes with unlimited rice! Strongly recommended!

Brisket sisig is also a must try! This sizzling beef with egg is best served when it is still hot. Enough will never be enough especially when there is still a room in the stomach! We also tried their dagupan sisig, a sizzler with crispy marinated bangus (milk fish). Comparing the 2, we would go for beef the next time.

We enjoyed their seafood pinakbet. We might be biased for we do love cooking in shrimp paste but we guessed this one is above and tastier compared to other restaurants’ version.

# 3 Price

For Filipino people, Ortegos’ dishes are moderately priced. Chicken tower with unlimited rice, brisket sisig, dagupan sisig, and seafood pinakbet are priced at AED 49, AED 24, AED 24, and AED 24, respectively. Not bad. After all, Filipinos share on meals. So those who are in tight budgets can still come and dine. Dining, by the way, is made extra sweet when with friends on special occasions or victory food trips. And we thank them for their rich generosity.

# Service

Though the aroma of sizzler can still be smelled in our clothes after we left, we ended up full and satisfied for the night’s dinner. And we commend the works of Ortegos’ hardworking staff and crew for their service to us and other customers. Hope you guys enjoy your Ortegos dining too!


Author: francis and anna

Francis and Anna are couples who found love in Jesus. You can find them travelling through to life's beautiful mysteries, choosing to live in victory, writing about their close encounters, talking about God.

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