Do-It-Your-Own: Singapore-Malaysia-Singapore By Bus 

A wise traveler would always want to travel 2 or 3 or more countries in one go, crossing in one border to another. In order to keep the cost low and to maximize our time, most of us do it. Either in Europe or in South East Asia or in Caucasus region, one can spend few days visiting countries located close to each other.

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15 Important Things Every First Time Traveler Should Know About Singapore

Singapore is one of the most frequented destinations in South East Asia. Known for its cleanliness and touristic sites and attractions, people from all over the world tend to spend 3 to 6 days with their loved ones and families in the country.

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How We Made Our Road Schooling In Singapore

Every family has its unique story. And I am sharing with you a small chunk of it. We are not a perfect household but we believed that family is a relationship. Regardless of the differences of each member, we shared the pie by putting an element of fun into the challenges of life.

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