14 Things To Do in Genting Highlands

Most tourists in the world would go for a short vacation to Malaysia, particularly the famous spots of Kuala Lumpur and Melaka. Since we have visited KL  a few times, we decided to give Genting Highlands a shot. Our short trip was more fun than expected. And here’s a list of things you may do should you need a Genting trip soon.

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Do-It-Your-Own: Singapore-Malaysia-Singapore By Bus 

A wise traveler would always want to travel 2 or 3 or more countries in one go, crossing in one border to another. In order to keep the cost low and to maximize our time, most of us do it. Either in Europe or in South East Asia or in Caucasus region, one can spend few days visiting countries located close to each other.

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8 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get Bored In Universal Studios Singapore

One of the common interests we shared as husband and wife is theme parks. The Disneyland and the Universal Studios are among our top 2 picks. Recently, we spent a good time visiting the Universal Studios Singapore (USS). For a couple of times already, we thought that we were not that excited about it anymore. But little did we know that it was even more, an overloaded adventure and a fun-filled craze.

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3 Reasons Your Schloss Johannisburg Visit Is Never A Dull Moment

Some cities and country sides in Germany are full of lush greens, making it more appealing to its guests and visitors. One of the most frequented destinations hidden in the German state of Hesse is the town of Geisenheim, known as the “wine town”, “school town”, “cathedral town”, and “linden tree town”. And Schloss Johannisburg is just perfect for every traveler.

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12 Places That Will Motivate You To Explore The Town Of Mainz In Germany

As every traveler becomes a story teller, it was a privilege for us to see a whole new world out there, somewhere in Germany. We could not forget our wonderful adventure and relaxed visit to this tiny little town of Mainz. We never imagined running into a beauty such as this.

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3 Things The World Doesn’t Know About Rudesheim

There is not one town in Germany that is not rich in culture and history. Every single place has its own unique story to tell. We’ve never heard of Rudesheim all our life until some Germans who we came accross and get acquainted with surprised us with a wonderful visit to this fabulous small town.

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Beginners Guide: 5 Places To Visit In Frankfurt

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and most of its visitors would enter the country via Frankfurt International Airport. It marks the opening of the summer season when we arrived, the month of June. Germany is beautiful and so is Frankfurt.

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