In Germany, I Met People Of Cultures I Am Not

The day has finally come. On 11 June 2016, I arrived in Germany for an 8-day business and training. Germany itself is a country of clean and green where inhabitants are well-disciplined and self-served, I noticed as my eyes were opened to the ways not mine. If they say in one minute, it has to be it because they walk the talk! They ate huge portion and not fond of sharing. They live the simplest but enjoy the benefits of an advanced economy.

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My Answered Prayer, His Dream Come True


Many years ago, I prayed for a love that is beyond imagination. Something that is true and real, not measured by my own standards but out of the bounty of God’s perfect heart and pleasing will. Continue reading “My Answered Prayer, His Dream Come True”

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

Few months before I got married to my wife Anna, she received a precious gift from a special friend, Ann D. It is a book about the four seasons of marriage. As I run through the pages recently, I noticed that what has been described as the “winter”, “spring”, “summer” and “fall” of marriage are actually relevant to the “challenging”, “exciting”, “glorious” and “boring” days that Anna and I have faced as husband and wife. This led us into asking “What should we do during these seasons?”

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Dating Mr. Dy!

Since my early years, my idea of romantic dating was very much ideal – red roses, candle light dinners, expensive gifts, morning breakfast deliveries, 24 hour hotline, a handsome face and most of all a perfect gentleman who will do everything for

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Marriage: The Roller Coaster Ride of a Lifetime


I still remember the sharing of I Do’s that created tickles and butterflies in my stomach. That excitement, as I walk down the aisle, I could not contain. I was a bit of a “cinderella rushing to my prince charming” on one hand and a bit of a “soldier rushing to Continue reading “Marriage: The Roller Coaster Ride of a Lifetime”