3 Amazing Pork Recipes In Yerevan To Try Right Now

It is interesting to know that unlike in most Arabic countries where food is limited to “non-pork”, Armenia offers one. We enjoyed our stay in the Yerevan because of its dreamy destinations, tourist attractions, cold weather, and budget friendly and affordable food.

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Why Karas Restaurant Beats Other Food Hubs In Yerevan

There is no better way to travel great unless the stomach is fueled. When we go and see places foreign to our sights, sometimes it gets difficult to find good food. Doing our research in advance can help big time but getting recommendations from peers and other travelers who have been there are most effective.

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A Complete Guide To Sergei Parajanov Museum

Armenia is famous for its historical sites and museums. Known as one of the world’s oldest city and the first ever country to declare Christianity as religion, many tourists would dare to see the ruins, manuscripts, and even works of arts of people many centuries ago. One of our favorites is the Sergei Parajanov Museum.

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