6 Breathtaking Monasteries To Visit In Armenia

There is a lot that Armenia can offer in terms of its attractions and destinations. Those monasteries found in rocky slopes and mountain tops are too awe-inspiring to miss. So we didn’t hesitate to get to these astonishing monastic complexes.

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3 Secrets That Will Make You Want To Go To Tatev Monastery

Armenia is known to be a home of ancient monasteries and medieval architectures. So when we had a chance to visit, we didn’t hesitate to go places we’ve thought we’d only dreamed of. One of these is one of our top 3 picks in the country.

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5 Advantages Of Booking Best Hostel Republic Square

Visiting countries and places could be too expensive if we don’t plan it well. That is why it is always advantageous to maximize our resources especially if we are on a tight budget.

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3 Ways To Embrace The Beauty Of Noravank Monastery

The very first day that we landed in Armenia, one of the things we noted about the tours and packages being offered to tourists in the hotels and on the streets of Yerevan is a day trip to the monasteries found in the villages or in the provinces. Wondering why is that so, we took a deep look at each one. This ended us booking a tour with 4 destinations for a day. All of them won a dear place in our hearts but there is this one that we found intriguing.

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4 Ways To Make Sure Your Trip To Khor Virap Monastery Is Not Wasted

When we go to places, one of the most interesting to learn is culture and history. Each place has its own story that no one can ever copy. When we arrived in Armenia, the only piece of information we got is this: It is the first Christian country in the world. The rest of our gotten knowledge was brought to us when we experience Armenia ourselves.

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